How to extend my India visa?

Instructions for India visa extension

India visa extension is necessary for anyone wishing to overstay their India visa validity. Without visa extension, foreigners’ overstaying is illegal and they will face legal consequences like being fined, deported, and banned from entering India in the future. With the online application, India visa extension has become much easier and simpler. So, here are the guideline steps for India visa extension applicants:

1 First, you fill in all the necessary information in the online form for India visa extension. Be careful and check to make sure that all the information and documents you provide are correct.

Check Required Documents for India visa extension for more information.

2 Proceed to pay the service India visa extension fee. We accept the payment methods listed in Payment Guidelines. Our website is made to comply with standards of international financial systems such as PCI DSS of PCI Security Standards Council, 3D-Secure of Visa, MasterCard to secure your card information.

3 In some cases, more documents may be required by the government. Remember to check your email regularly to follow our instructions and fulfill any further requirements. After full and correct documents are submitted, your India visa extension application will be processed and its status will be updated to you via email.

Extend Visa

What type of India visa can be extended online?

With the online application, many types of India visa can be easily extended online as below:

  • E-visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa
  • Visa-on-arrival
  • Films visa
  • Mountaineering visa
  • Double-entry visa (only for Bangladesh nationals)
  • Visitor visa (only for Pakistan nationals)

For extending other types of India visa, foreign nationals can contact us for detailed instructions.


What are the advantages of the India visa extension online application?

The online application of India visa extension makes the whole process much more convenient and anyone can easily apply:

- The whole India visa extension process is carried out completely online, which can be processed anywhere and anytime.

- All the information and documents can be easily sent and edited. No hard copy needed.

- The India visa extension online application does not require face-to-face meetings, reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

- With our side by side support, your India visa extension applications are double-checked to make sure the information is correct and the documents are compliant with the government’s requirements.

With India visa extension online, you can easily overstay your India visa without worrying about its expiring or being fine.

Extend Visa